It Is Finished

it is finished

When Jesus was arrested and killed, the disciples were afraid and confused. After Jesus’ arrest, Peter denied he even knew him. Others took off and hid. And really, their fear, sadness and confusion are understandable. Their entire world just crashed in. They had dedicated their lives to Jesus, and now he was gone. Dead. Without him, they could see no future. They risked everything for this guy—and now, he was lying dead in a tomb. Nothing made sense and the enemy seemed to have won.  With the prevalence of evil today, we could make the same assumption.  But we’d be wrong.  When Christ died on the cross, Satan was defeated.

The enemy had gone to great lengths to thwart God’s plan of redemption, even attempting genocide to prevent Jesus’ arrival or otherwise disrupt the divine agenda (matt 2:16).  Since the devil knows all the prophecies, he was well aware that Jesus Christ the virgin-born, sinless, incarnate son of God, came to give His live as a ransom for many (matt 20:28).  This meant that if the Lamb of God died on the cross at Passover, His shed blood would pay mankind’s sin debt in full (Rom 4:7-8). Satan did want Jesus to die, but at any other time and in any other way. Yet with all his efforts, satan could not stop God’s ultimate plan.


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