Perfect And Acceptable


“This world” doesn’t mean the ground that we walk on, but in the Greek tongue “world” is “aion”, the world society, and the way that the world does things. We are not to conform to the pattern, or fashion that is set by the world standards for our lives, because the one that sets those standards is the prince of this world, Satan.

We are not to conform to those things that the world considers a way of doing business, of bribery, stealing, lying, and you can probably run the list as long as I can, but those things are of Satan. When you become a new creature in Christ, not only your soul and spirit become changed, but you are to transform, or change our minds also. That means the way that you think and say things, and the standards that you set for ourselves. Upon repentance of your sins and your belief in Jesus Christ, even your goals change. All those things that once were important are just not that important any more. Then what is important are the things that are important to our heavenly Father.

God’s “Will” is given to us through His Word by the prophets, disciples, and even through His own words while He walked on this earth. That is His Will, and the Will of God is perfect. When you strive to live within the Will of God in all that you do and say, then you are in His perfect Will. It doesn’t mean that you won’t fall short, for all men and women in the flesh bodies will fall short, but that is what the freedom that we have in Christ is all about. When we sin and we repent those sins to Him “in Jesus’ name”, then He is faithful and just to forgive us of those sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. This is a daily thing, it is also hourly and to that very moment that you are living, for it is our way of life, totally committed to living our lives as a “living sacrifice unto God”.

Your “transforming” takes place within your mind and not your spirit, for God does the transforming there. It becomes your “duty” change your mind, and this is done by seeking the knowledge of God. You can only renew your mind when the knowledge of God’s Word is placed there, and you place it there when you get into His holy Word and study it.

Then you become a “sacrifice” for God, and as a sacrifice, it is not for your pleasure that the sacrifice is made, but the one that the sacrifice is made to. As we live in our local communities, there are many different local customs that we must respect, in order to have the people in that community to see Christ in us. Jesus walked in His local community, and he left the church of that day and He walked down where there were a bunch of sinners. Jesus was not afraid to talk or even eat with them. They were the ones that Jesus came into the world to save. Remember those self-righteous hypocrites were all wrapped up in them selves and seeking their traditions to save them.

Come on and get real, Christianity is not a religion, it is a reality in the way we live our lives. You can’t help people if you are not where they are at. The point is that you just don’t conform to what they are doing, but transform them by the example that you set before them. You don’t have to say a word, but by your example you can be a wealth of information to them, as they struggle in their problems. It is while in their presence that you plant the seeds of truth, that the Holy Spirit can work and make your thoughts grow in their minds. If they think you are a nut and off your rocker, why would they ever listen to anything you have to say. You live the life that they can see is credible, and God will place the time for your planting of the seed, when His time is ready.




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