Keeping Watch

If anyone is looking for reassurance of the Revelation 12 sign, this is a video that was in my youtube recommendations this morning.  I do not confirm the day or hour we go home, cause it goes against everything I have been taught,  but we can certainly look toward His undeniable sign of His returning so very soon. When God woke me up to it months ago, I set about researching, praying for wisdom and studying scripture. I have never before in all the years of prophesying the time of the end, felt they would amount to anything until now.  I am finding that more and more, that the world and everything it offers has lost it’s shine. Or better said (nothing new under the sun). I am now looking constantly toward sharing Jesus,  living in and sharing His word and most of all… going home!

Message and other great links from the youtube description box if you need further informatiion.

Published on May 17, 2017

Too often, we are hearing that it is bad or against God to look up in the Heavens and see prophecy fulfilled. We, in our generation have lost the true knowledge of the hosts of Heaven and today we take a peek with scripture, that not only is it ok to look up, but we can actually find knowledge above.

Chuck Missler on the 12 Mazzaroth (constellations) and the story of redemption found in them…

Revelation 12 in 15 minutes (get up to speed with the 9/23/17 alignment)…

Celestial C-Section (Debunks all debunks)…

Unsealed youtube channel…


I just want to be sure I post once as a trumpet to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. He is giving us a very distinct, pre-warned biblical sign and opening Revelation, Daniel, well pretty much the whole bible like never before.  He wants us to know this is from Him in the time it is relevant for us to receive it’s truth.

Oh and the post about Trump last week was confirmed via many watchers putting together the whole picture of what happened that weekend of Israel visit a few days later. I was correctly discerning God’s message to share.  He always gives confirmation when He leads. I love that about Him.

Praise Jesus!!! Look Up My Friends… Look Up!




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