Judge Not Dear Brothers And Sisters

Image result for 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10

I’ve noticed a lot of backlash over those who predicted the rapture yesterday at the solar eclipse.  Although I didn’t anticipate it, I certainly did hope, same as I do every day.  After seeing the unfortunate attitudes Christians have had at others pointing toward potential rapture days, I began to feel a bit angry at those who are scoffing at people just wanting to go home.

Let us consider, that we should live every day with anticipation of His return.  I mean, who knows if the rapture will be the end of YOUR time on earth.

Looking at the senseless attacks on people world wide, natural disasters claiming lives, drunk drivers wiping out an innocent family because they selfishly thought they were fine to drive.  (I used to be one of those people sadly).  Simple tragic accidents that no one was at fault, happen every day as well.  Then there are natural causes… My father died unexpectedly from an onset of pneumonia. My grandpa was at the dinner table when his heart simply quit, falling face down in his dinner.  I have known countless people who have heartbreaking stories of loved ones gone too soon. Some are children, young adults, mid life and old.

We should live each and every day in readiness to meet Jesus face to face.  The signs of the times do make for an impending forefront focus, but let us never forget, God numbers our days. So the real question is, if your last day is today, are you living prepared for it?  Are you sharing the Gospel, are you letting His light shine wherever you go?  Are you living with a constant longing and readiness to go home?

Let us not attack each other over if we got it wrong.  But let us be inspired by others excitement, to keep us focused.  Even if it is a daily focus till the day we die.

Even so come Lord Jesus!

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