Who Does God Say I Am Final Thought

Meditating on reminders of who I am as God sees me has re-ignited my joyful freedom in Christ. Satan loves to attack in our weaknesses (the old man in us), and I am so thankful there are so many reminders of God’s truth in the midst of doubt,  to help us stop looking through our own self defeating eyes and rejoice that God  loves us so much and because of His love, by His sincere gift we are free!

I want to close this week with a beautiful summary of those reminders.


I pray these reminders have brought joy to you as well.

And because I felt like doing a hallelujah dance,  I want to include a song celebrating the joy I feel. Please take a moment to join in a bit of celebrating our joy and freedom in Christ with me… Praise Jesus… We are free indeed!!!!

Clap your hands and stomp your feet till you find that gospel beat!!!

Have a blessed weekend brothers and sisters!

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