Just Want To Say Thank You

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I think a nice way to end this week is to list things I am grateful for.  God is so good and He deserves all my gratitude…

Jesus’ sacrifice

His Word

His Holy Spirit

I don’t have to worry

If I do worry, He will always gently bring me back to reminders of why I can stop

My heart continues to beat

The air in my lungs



Nose for smelling and holding up my reading glasses

Hands and feet for serving

Precious healing of my illness

Healing of dependency on alcohol or drugs

Learning forgiveness

There is nothing that can separate me from His righteous right hand

Taste buds for enjoying delicious food


The heavenly wonders both night and day (I look up A LOT nowadays)


Every time I am reminded of Him throughout the day

Every answered prayer (even when it was no)


Imagination (even though I sometimes use it to worry)


A place to live

Having enough to eat

Inspiration in it’s many forms

Every time I am humbled

That we all make up a part of a whole body of Christ

The ongoing things He is teaching me every day

The way He continues to expand my faith


A job

Time alone with Him

The sound of rain

Nature’s animal sounds in the evening or morning

Every gift He created in me

Safety from wrath


Having others who I matter to

Muscles that are used to lift, sit up, bend over and so on

A smile to share

God loved me first and everything good thing in me stems from that love

Sleep (my illness used to rob me of it)


My blog

Other people’s blogs

Different points of view

His discernment

That He will continue transforming me until the day that I go home




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