Jimmy Evans Teaches Rev12 On Daystar Television!

Originally posted on Revelation 12 Daily

Stop what you are doing and watch this interview.  Seriously.  This guy goes onto Daystar, a network that pretty much reaches every country on the planet, and teaches on the Revelation 12 Sign without holding back.  It is an amazing presentation about many of the things pointing to the nearness of the Lord’s return and I just love how it was filmed from in Jerusalem and broadcast to the entire world!  Yes…it’s that good… my only complaint is that it was only 40 minutes, I wish it was longer!!

So who can we thank for this amazing gift?  Well we can thank God first off, but also Jimmy Evans, head elder of Trinity Fellowship and also Founder of Marriage Today in Dallas, Texas.  Jimmy says he has been studying prophecy for 44 years and you could tell because he had some really insightful things to share in this interview with Marc and Joni.

Jimmy presented the information extremely well and even made some connections that I hadn’t heard before.  I can’t stress enough how awesome this was.  I am so grateful for Matthew who insisted I watch this.. It was dynamite! 

Outline of Interview (Skip ahead to the 19:09 mark to begin)

19:09 – Interview Starts
22:30 – Year 5777
24:06 – Feast of Trumpets / Rapture Connection
31:06 – Parable of Fig Tree / Last Generation
33:47 – Judah Ben Samuel Prophecy
40:47 – Temple Mount Discussion
42:27 – Eclipse / Hurricanes / Flooding
46:39 – Revelation 12 Sign / Google Sky Cover-Up
58:30 – Interview Over

Here is the link, you need to watch and share this:
Jimmy Evans Revelation 12 Interview on Daystar Television

Here are just a few of the quotes from Jimmy:

“The Blood Moons had to happen before the Lord could return, according to the Book of Joel.”


“I believe that we’re at the end of the end times…. I believe that the return of Jesus is imminent. I really do.”


“Next Saturday, Venus Mercury and Mars align with Leo to make 12 stars over the head of the Virgin.”


“The Revelation 12 Sign that hasn’t happened for thousands of years, it happens in 10 Days… I’m saying this is a time to know Jesus Christ.”

Here is the link again just to make it easy on you:
Jimmy Evans Revelation 12 Interview on Daystar Television

One thought on “Jimmy Evans Teaches Rev12 On Daystar Television!

  1. Yes we are entering the Tribulation. We are seeing the beginning of the prohecies that need to take place . We are living in Matthew 24 Romans 1 .with many more strange things about to happen .

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