Nothing Happened When the Star of Bethlehem Appeared… A Parody!

Had to share!!!… Pastor Steve is hilarious in his spot on message.

Verbiage used below is taken directly from Pastor Steve’s Video description….

This is a Parody about NOTHING HAPPENED after Biblical end time signs. Mockers have waited till the 24th September to make snarky remarks we all anticipated: “NOTHING HAPPENED”. Pastor Steve has been waiting to mock the mockers!

Watch this parody of “Nothing Happened”. It illustrates how smart people continually misunderstand signs since Bible times. This is a DRAMATIZATION. If your funny bone is not working, this is not for you.

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti agrees “nothing has happened,” except for the worst natural disaster in US history, and the first hydrogen bomb testing by rogue regime North Korea, and Iran testing more advanced missiles that will likely be used in the Ezekiel 38 war.

Nothing has taken away from the glorious sign of Revelation 12. It cannot be the sign of the “end of the world” because it is only chapter 12, and there are 22 chapters in the Book of Revelation! Mockers imagine “the end of the world” but Pastor Steve never talked about the world ending on that date. Rather the Bible teaches us to watch and pray as we observe birth pangs preluding the Tribulation and Jesus’ Return. Will you join the MOCKERS or the WATCHERS?

“Nothing Happened” on Sep 23  (26 Minutes)

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