Bread Of Life


Sometimes, people ‘fast’ – that is they go without food or other things – as a spiritual discipline, and it can be a stimulating and moving experience to fast for a day while reflecting on the idea that God  feeds His children that goes beyond the physical.

The image of the bread of life can work on different levels, and it should.  At it’s simplest, inspire us to think about what we ‘feed’ on in our daily lives, both literally and metaphorically.  Are we watching what we eat and treating our bodies as a temple?

What kinds of stories and images do we consume through watching trash-TV ceaselessly?  Where are we going to look for our soul food?  How does our popular culture make us feel when we have ‘eaten’ too much of it?  Where can we go to feed ourselves in such a way as to stop feeling hungry?

Excerpt from the book “Searching 4 Faith” by Brian Draper

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