A Gentle Witness

We as followers of Christ can be tolerant of people of diverse religious beliefs without compromising our Christian convictions.

When the Apostle Paul came to Athens, he was distressed by the idolatry he saw. Yet he spoke respectfully to this pagan audience, even affirming the words of some of their poets. He didn’t denounce his hearers, nor criticize their beliefs, but began by declaring truths they would not find offensive. He spoke of God’s greatness as our Creator. He said that God is actively involved with mankind so that people might seek Him and find Him.

Paul didn’t compromise the truth. He showed the folly of worshiping idols and boldly declared that God commanded people everywhere to repent. He further stated that God had appointed a Man to judge the world and proved this by raising Him from the dead.

In global society we will come in contact with more and more people of different religious beliefs and practices. Our witness will be most effective when we avoid quarrels and arguments, and share our faith with respect, kindness, and gentleness. The Holy Spirit will bring conviction and enlightenment as people see the truth lived out in us.

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